Wanderglockenspiel Logumkloster Denmark

Übersetzung ins Deutsche noch nicht fertig.

Beginning of 2006 a splendid 4 octave carillon has been built for the carillon department of the Danish church music school in Løgumkloster. The carillon has 50 bells according to the range C2-D2 chromatic till D5. Moreover a C3 swinging bell has been added. The entire carillon consists of 4 modules that are coupled in a simple manner.

The carillon had to satisfy specific requirements such as:

  • width of each module should be less than 83cm (width of a normal door)
  • total weight to be less than 3400kg
  • the entire instrument should be transportable and to be assembled by the musician himself.
  • The carillon will be used for in- and outdoor concerts. Furthermore it will be used to practice in the church music school in Løgumkloster. For more information, see:
    Nordic Carillon