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Throughout the centuries, places where people congregated were often marked by the presence of a centerpoint. A centrally-located statue, a fountain in the market square, or a monumental staircase fronting the town or city hall. Attracting attention and adding to the overall atmosphere. To this day, such centerpoints are relevant. People look for them to improve the atmosphere of sociability; shops, museums, the town halls in the places where people congregate for business, social and cultural reasons count on them to provide a point of focus, to draw people's attention. The CHIME is an entirely new product with endless possibilities. The sound of the chime is a sure attention-getter, and equally, promotes a pleasant atmosphere.The CHIME can contain in its memory as many tunes as desired, and play these tunes on the hour, every half-hour, every fifteen minutes or whenever. The days of the week, special holidays and occasions can also be included in the programming. The CHIME will, on the appointed time, give both the time and play the chosen melody. Petit & Fritsen's programmers will program for you your chosen melodies into the chime's microcomputer.