The Petit & Fritsen carilloncomputer enables you to operate your installation such as bells, tower clock, central heating, lighting, etcetera, completely automatically. Manual operation is also possible. It is easy to program the computer for an entire year.

Use of a timecode receiver (DCF,GPS) which receives a synchronisation signal from an atomic clock, guarantees that the masterclock is always one hundred percent accurate. Even summer and wintertime adjustments occur without the need of human intervention. More-over the system possesses a four-digit personal access code, which prevents undesired use.

More than 1000 melodies can be stored in the internal memory. With an external memorycard, new melodies and playing programs can be loaded.

A midi clavier can be connected to the carilloncomputer. Melodies played can be stored directly into the computer.

It is possible to control the computer from a distance by modem or radiographic.