Carillon for the orchestra of Andre Rieu

Petit and Fritsen b.v. has created a special carillon with 27 bells, based on A2, for the world famous orchestra of Andre Rieu. The bells are tuned with slightly higher pitch (A1=442Hz) in order to get on with the other instruments in the orchestra. Andre Rieu made a worltour with this carillon and the public came in contact (perhaps for the first time) with the beautiful sounds of the carillon bells .

The carillon is played by Frank Steijns

This carillon is unique because of the application of sensitive electronic strikers in combination with a baton key keyboard. There are no mechanical connections between hammer and clavier and still, with these electronic hammers, music can be played from pianissimo to fortissimo. This innovative technique gives many possibilities for new carillons in for example small towers with limited space.

It is also possible to place during concerts the clavier outside the tower near the public. This is of course much more attractive for the musician as well as for the audience.