The carillon of Leiria, Portugal

The Tower of Leiria on a hill next to the Cathedral. November 14 of 2004 the new Carillon was dedicated with large audiences. In the lower openings of this tower hang eleven Portuguese bells playable from a primitive type clavier connected by ropes and pulleys. Initially the plans were to replace this clavier and its entire traction with a modern clavier. It was decided however to keep the original clavier which was frequently being played by a Priest. It was also decided that within the bell tower a new carillon would be installed. This new carillon counts 23 bells and the tones range G1 – A1 – B1 chromatic thru G3 with a total weight of 7000 pounds. This carillon is complete with a 2-octave oak wooden clavier and directional bell cranks. The intent is that carillon studies and performances be given on this carillon for children. The Carillonneur is Abel Chaves.