This carillon is in 2001 made for Hyechong College in City of Hyechung, about 185 miles from Seoul. The 235 ft. tall towere is specially built for this carillon. An elevator takes visitors up to the elevation of the bells. This carillon houses 77 bells with tone range from F0 to G0 chromatic, including AIS6. The total weight of these bells is approx. 88.000 pounds. There is an added Bourdon Bell tone DIS0 weighing approx. 22.000 pounds, with a diameter of 8”- 6’. (8feet-6inch)

The handplay framing is completed with directional bell cranks.The clappers are counter balanced and very few springs needed to be installed with the clavier. This adds the benefit of ease of carillon playing so that touch and force of keyboard (baton) relative to clapper is very direct. This 6-octave clavier is made per the standard specifications for North America.

A practice keyboard is located in the practice room at the base or the tower. This keyboard has midi features and optical guided contacts. Because of special construction of the batons the inertia of the clapper is simulated Therefore playing on the practice keyboard feels the same as playing the real carillon.

In addition to manual play, automatic play is also used. This is accomplished with 37 solenoid hammers on bells C1 – D1 – E1 chromatic thru D4. Al solenoid hammers are activated by a Petit & Fritsen carillon computer.

On four sides of the tower are gold leafed tower clock dials. This tower clock is also driven by the carillon computer. The dials have a diameter of 144 inches, so this beautiful clock can be seen from quite a distance .