The carillon of La Porte (Indiana USA)

The Presbyterian Church in LaPorte, Indiana USA had a Carillon of 36 Bells installed in 2004. The carillon is known as the “Children’s Carillon” because 130 years ago the children of the Presbyterian School began fund raising for the first bell. This bell still hangs over entrance of the church there. A special new brick tower was built for this carillon and was designed by architect Herman Terzino. The bell range covers A1 – B1 – C2 chromatic thru A4 with a total weight of 6200 pounds.

The bells are hung in circle type arches so that wire length from bell cranks relative to the bells are kept equal. The clappers are made of bare stock with cast iron clapper heads. The clavier is built to World Standard 2000 standards. Carillonneur John Gouwens was the consultant and supervised the carillon project and plays this carillon frequently.