The Carillon from Boudewijn Zwart

In 2003, Petit & Fritsen built avery special carillon for well known carillonneur Boudewijn Zwart. This project did require numerous design details which all were precisely done by Petit & Fritsen technicians. The carillon needed to be constructed to be exactly mounted on a trailer as to weight and dimensions. The trailer had to be pulled by automobile. Maximum width of the carillon could not be more than 1.60 meter and not higher than 1.95 meter. The entire structure had to be on wheels so it could easily be moved. The bells needed to have a musical range from C2 – D2 – chromatic including D6 with a total of 50 bells.

The end result of those requirements was a design of three transportable modules which could be coupled together by simple lock.

Boudewijn Zwart has played many special recitals on this instrument at concert halls, in churches and the outdoors.

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