Carillon Douai, Traveling Carillon

Based on an order from Arpac (association Regionale de Promotion de l ‘Art Campanaire) in 2004, a traveling carillon was created with 53 bells. It is entirely mounted upon a trailer which is approximately 8 meters long. The total weight of bells is 8,990 pounds and the bells are tuned to scale G1 – A1 chromatic thru C6. Bells G1, Ais1 and C2 are hand rope pulled to ring the “TE DEUM” peal. These bells are hung with straight yokes causing the clappers to strike upwards. Florence Heral designed the special border decorations for these bells. Vegetation designs show the four wind regions: Maple leaf , olive leaf, hop and the Gingko (Japanese ornamental tree).

The clavier is build to North European Standards and installed in a special cabin . This carillon is installed with directional bell cranks and pulleys because of limited available space. Playing of the carillon is most direct and light. The clappers are made of cast iron.

Design requirements included a clear view of bells from all directions and minimal frame construction to block the viewing of the bells. A special stairway type construction had to be made to accommodate these requirements. The treble bells are hung from wooden beams so that a brilliant sound of the bells could be guaranteed.

The entire frame is in CAD built and with FEM methodically calculated, allowing for light weight and rigid assembly. The light weight is important to support the thousands of kilometers that will be traveled with this trailer. More than 200 recitals a year will be given in France with this carillon.